Deployment of an HPC-Accelerated Research Data Management System: Exemplary Workflow in HeartAndBrain Study


We present our workflow and research data management (RDM) within the HeartAndBrain research projecttextlessbrtextgreaterof the Department of Neurology at the University MedicaltextlessbrtextgreaterCenter Gottingen. Here, we aim to investigate waste clearance ¨textlessbrtextgreatermechanisms in the human brain [1], [2]. Therefore, we collecttextlessbrtextgreater(longitudinal) data from multiple sources, in particular fromtextlessbrtextgreaterMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), ECG, SpO2, breathingtextlessbrtextgreaterbelt, laboratory analysis of blood and urine. Our RDM Systemtextlessbrtextgreater(RDMS) allows us to integrate these inhomogeneous data sourcestextlessbrtextgreaterin one data base [3] where it is accessible via structured queriestextlessbrtextgreatereither via API or GUI. Furthermore, we developed (semi-) automatic post-processing pipelines that take care of routinely usedtextlessbrtextgreaterpost-processing steps. Computationally demanding tasks were settextlessbrtextgreaterup to utilize high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure,textlessbrtextgreaterwith automatic job submission and re-integration into the datatextlessbrtextgreaterbase. Job submission can also be triggered via a GUI, whichtextlessbrtextgreaterallows access to advanced, computationally demanding postprocessing tools for non-expert users.

Proceedings of the Workshop Biosignal 2024