CaosDB is an open source research data management system (RDMS) which was developed by the Research Group Biomedical Physics. Within our research group CaosDB is used to manage all kinds of data including:

  • Experimental raw and processed data
  • Data from cardiac simulations
  • Data analysis results (plots, tables, …)
  • Scripts, tools, settings, parameter files which were used to carry out processing, simulations and data analysis
  • Publications like posters, articles, presentation files

The links between the above mentioned data are stored within CaosDB and allow for traceability of data during the whole data life cycle.

Key Features

CaosDB has several unqiue key features which make it specifically useful for scientific data management:

  • Automatic data crawling and indexing:
    • No manual insertion of data required (although additionally possible via graphical web user interface)
    • Existing structures and workflows can be reused: No data has to be moved to make use of CaosDB.
    • Coexistence of CaosDB with other workflows: If necessary, all data can be accessed without CaosDB using the file system.
  • Flexible semantic data models allow for continuous adaption to changing scientific workflows
  • Intuitive Query Language (CQL) which can be used interactively or from scripts

More resources on CaosDB: