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Dr. Claudia Richter

As research associate I am among other things responsible for cell culture experiments and the multi-modal optical setup in our lab, which we call fondly MISFIT (Macroscopic Imaging Setup for Fluorescence Investigative Tasks).

For an example see the movie at the bottom of page.

In my capacity of being biologist, more precisely animal physiologist, I am strongly interested in biophysical, molecular/genetic research and biomaterials. Beside questions on cell culture I am also working on the self-organization of tissue development, which plays an important role in 3D tissue engineering.

Curriculum Vitae

Since Feb. 2011
Postdoctoral Associate at the Biomedical Physics Group
Feb. 2011
PhD at the University of Rostock; Title: "Cardiomyocyten im Chaos - Makroskopische Untersuchungen kardialer Arrhythmien in-vitro unter dem Einfluss elektrischer Pulsfolgen und Parameteränderungen."
June 2006 - Feb. 2011 Graduate research assistant at the Biomedical Physics Group, Max Planck Institute of Dynamics and Self-Organization
Oct. 2005 - May 2006 Scientific assistant at the Institute of Legal Medicine, University of Rostock
Oct. 2005 Diploma at the University of Rostock; Title: "Sequenzanalytische Untersuchungen
mitochondrialer DNA Polymorphismen"
Oct. 2000 - Oct. 2005 Studies of Biology at the University of Rostock
Signal of cardiomyocytes in culture (raw & analysed)

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